"Why do some children inexplicably underachieve despite adequate intelligence?"


There are many categories that a child may fall into, but rarely in isolation. The list is bewildering: Many parents may not realise that research over the last 25 years has shown that these underachieving children have often missed early stages of motor development (and this can be for many and varied reasons).

Movement in these early stages is of vital importance for both physical and emotional development, and provides the foundation for basic learning.

When a baby is learning new skills he will repeatedly attempt to master them; eventually achieving success. When an infant first tries to roll over he may fail many times; his arm may get in the way or he does not yet have the momentum to roll right over. This repetition of movement is essential for the continual stimulation and development of the central nervous system. When a child twirls and hops and skips along he is stimulating and maturing his balance.

The milestones in development & motor skills that are monitored by health visitors at regular clinic visits are confirmation that the child is following an expected pattern of development. These skills form the foundation for later learning and achievement.

If the central nervous system remains immature, it can affect the development of the following: Cartwheeling girl