"Why do some children inexplicably underachieve despite adequate intelligence?"


Parents usually contact me by phone in the first instance, and during what is often a lengthy call they give me a picture of their concerns and their child's difficulties.

Initially I see the parents on their own and we complete a detailed screening questionnaire going right back to early pregnancy. Inherited difficulties with learning and coordination are also relevant.

This is an informal meeting (often in the evening) from which I can get a detailed profile of their child. Some parents bring along a photo and a personal history of their child: both successes and difficulties.

The first meeting with both child and a parent is usually in the morning. I spend about 2 hours testing many areas including balance, coordination and reflexes. I also look at eye movements. Uncontrolled eye movements can be a result of an immature balance system and can make reading, copying and writing an arduous task. Recall of written work may be poor as the mechanics of writing requires so much effort.

From this diagnostic assessment I can decide how best to help your child, and I will start them on a movement programme.

It is a short daily programme that is done with the parent and is tailored to the child's specific needs.

I see the child and parent together for regular reviews and change the reflex stimulation programme accordingly. The programme lasts up to 18 months.