"Why do some children inexplicably underachieve despite adequate intelligence?"


I trained and taught in primary education and after raising my own family I worked in secondary schools supporting dyslexic children on a one to one basis.

I began to suspect that dyslexia was more than just a reading problem when a boy who could fairly efficiently scan a list of words downwards had enormous difficulty in scanning across a line of words. He found it impossible to sit comfortably at his desk and either sprawled out (thus looking disinterested) or collapsed forward supporting his head with his hand. He often misheard instructions.

Another boy with behavioural problems found it physically impossible to remain still. He had the concentration of a mosquito and the slightest thing distracted him. He a was bright and articulate boy but was failing abysmally within the classroom situation.

In 1998 I read an article in the Daily Telegraph about The Institute of Neuro Physiological Psychology in Chester. I spent some time observing their work and in 1999 I trained with Peter Blythe & Sally Goddard at INPP.

Since then I have worked in private practice as a Neuro Developmental and Sound Therapist.